About Me

A Little Background Info

I’m Adam Bryan, creator of Under21LasVegas.com, AB TravelDine Communications and FoodTweet, and I am an adventurous and imaginative Journalism major at the University of Maryland. I also am an author with a few eBooks on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and other online retailers. If not writing for Examiner.com or Yahoo, I love spending my time traveling around the world testing out new cuisines while also learning more about the different cultures that make our world what it is today. When attending college, I tend to spend my time checking out local restaurants and patisseries in the Washington DC area, but once the summer rolls around, there’s no telling where I’ll end up. But I can pretty much guarantee you that I’m eating and drinking, while also FoodTweeting my every move. Plus I'm probably out somewhere pursuing new business ventures.

Why I Created this Blog

You see, I'm just an average college student trying to get good grades, and trying to land a pretty nice internship. But there are times where I wish that I could just wake up whenever I want, work as hard as I want, yet still make a very nice income. And this was only possible by somehow creating a decent money making outlet, aka "oil well" on the side. And that's what I did and still am doing. With many blogs and information products on the market, I am essentially creating new ways to earn a little extra money so that I can buy all those nice things that I really want. But who said that I have to be the only one doing this because you can too. That's why I decided to create this blog and help people like you earn an extra income, all in the convenience of your own home and dorm room. You don't have to be a college student in order for this blog to be of any benefit for you because there truly isn't an age limit or cut-off for whoever wants to make some extra money.  From my tips, secrets, and previous experiences, I hope that you will join me as we embark on a journey to becoming a Dorm Room Money Maker. Thanks!

Where You Can Also Find Me

FoodTweet: My food blog
Under 21 Las Vegas: A Las Vegas Travel site for family, teens, young adults, and non-gamblers
AB TravelDine: My company website as well a travel blog