Hey guys! I thought it’d be pretty helpful if I created a page that provides you with great resources to help you successfully become a Rich Student. Most of these resources are things that I personally enjoy using and have benefited from them greatly.  I hope you enjoy it and find success with them as I did!

Blogging and Hosting
Wordpress: Wordpress is the number 1 blog publishing platform and it offers the best customization. Most of my self hosted websites use Wordpress
Blogger: Possibly the easiest blogging platform out there that I use extensively. This site is also a blogger blog
Bluehost: Very easy to use; 1 click wordpress integration, and very good customer service
Standard Theme: A SEO optimized blogging template.

Product Distribution
Clickbank: The best place to sell you information products on the web. Plus you can get some killer affiliates

Aweber: Possibly the best email opt in service that helps you stay connected with you followers

Google AdSense: Make money by placing ads on you site. This service is free and offers fantastic payouts
Google AdWords: Ever noticed those sidebar ads on Google on the right? This is where you can advertise your product or service to anyone on the web via Google

Website Analytics
Google Analytics: This free website monitoring service allows you to track you website traffic, impressions, clicks, and traffic sources. Plus it tells you where most people visit you website.

Outsourcing Work
Elance: Hire freelancers to complete any task you need completed such as programming or app development.
Fiverr: Find freelancers for almost any task such as logo design, website traffic, banner design, and much more. The best part is that every job will only cost you $5

Books and eBooks

iPhone Applications
How to make iphone apps with no programming experience: Possibly one of the simplest ways anyone can get an app in the Apple market place without ever having to deal with coding or programming. Truly worth the investment.

Money Making Resources
The Best Spinner: The #1 article spinning software that saves you so much time. This software enables you to easily reword articles that you’ve already written so you can submit them to multiple directories online without worrying about duplicate content.

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